Cade Cahalan is a self-taught artist & designer based in Los Angeles. His creative journey began in 2009 when he picked up a camera collecting dust in his parents' bedroom. Since then he has experimented with several mediums to satisfy his creative appetite: videography, screen printing, ceramics, woodworking, web design, 3D modeling & prototyping. 
He is currently working on Furniture for the People, an open-source platform with the goal of making high-quality & functional furniture affordable for everyone. This project evolved from his senior thesis in which he analyzed why today's millennial renter consumes disposable furniture. He has since reframed this paradox of affordable, high-quality furniture and designed a solution that aims reduce global furniture landfill waste.
He has been a practicing furniture designer since 2017 working with companies like Amber Interiors, Williams-Sonoma Inc., Barbara Barry Inc., and Vanderbyl Design.